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Arts & Crafts



On the first Monday of every month, Dana Popp holds a specialized class focusing solely on painting on fabric. Decorate a tote bag or an apron or even a napkin. This is a drop-in class, and the paint and brushes are provided. You will need to bring the item you wish to beautify.


Tom Aparicio will show you how to design and create beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. No sign-up is necessary, and the materials for your first project are provided by the center.


The focus of this class is watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting. This class is low-key, with the instructor, Rosa Lea Russell, providing help and suggestions as desired by her students.


Our own instructor, Fred Williamson, and guest instructors will introduce you to a variety of woodcarving techniques and even wood-burning skills. Tools are provided for beginners, and the center provides the material for your first project.


First you will learn the basics by making a lovely butterfly. From there your own ambition is your limit. Please stop by our Orange Room some Thursday morning to meet Gloria Henson, our instructor. She will show you some beautiful examples you can learn to make yourself and also get you a list of supplies you may need to obtain. First project is on the center!


Gloria Henson also teaches Scratch Art. This artistic technique uses scratch tools (a stylus, scratch brush, or a scratch knife) and a paper board covered with wax or gesso and then coated over with black ink . Gloria will teach you how to design your board and then make it come alive by scratching away the black ink. The results look like etchings and can be very intricate.  There is a one-time fee of $2.50 for supplies.


Please stop by the Orange Room any Friday to view finished beaded banners. Gloria Henson will help you pick out a pattern and order your beads. When you are ready to start, she will walk you through the instructions so that you will end up with a banner you’ll be proud to display.


Nancy Sliker is now teaching basic and intermediate levels of watercolor painting. Instructions include how to mount and stretch your paper, how to mix colors, and how to visualize your picture. Please stop by any Thursday morning to discuss supplies with Nancy. 


This class is participant-led. Each week a different media or style of art is explored. One week you may work with shaving cream; the next week you might be drawing cartoon animals. Come join this group for creative experimenting and lots of fun and laughter.


This informal weekly workshop is for any senior who wants to start a project or has already started but needs some motivation to finish. The Center provides the embellishments for scrapbooking. You bring your photos and album. But hey! this class isn't limited to scrapbooking. Bring whatever
you're working on, spread out, 
and enjoy some company while you're working.

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