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Computer Classes

Computer Classes



 Computer Classes for Senior Citizens (60+)

We introduce and teach a wide variety of computer concepts in our seven classes: Basic Computer, Computer 2, Intermediate, Word 3, Spreadsheets 1, Spreadsheets 2, PowerPoint, and Google.





Where Should You Start?

I encourage everyone to begin with the Computer 1 class since it provides the foundation for the other classes that we offer.





Our Philosophy

If you don’t know about it, you won’t use it, so let's start where you are and go from there! In our computer classes here at the Delos V Smith Senior Center, you can learn computer concepts ranging from basic to advanced. We use projects to give our participants a large variety of computer tools that they can use to accomplish computer tasks of their own.


 What Kinds Of Things Will I Learn?


Setting up folders for file management,
Creating, saving & printing documents,
Spell & Grammar check,
Searching on Internet,
E-mail skills,
Clip Art,
Wallpaper & Screensavers,
Labels & Envelopes,
And much more! 



When Are The Classes?

Our classes meet for 1½ hours once a week for ten weeks.  We offer both morning and afternoon classes.  We have four sessions a year - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.



What Is The Cost Of Classes?

The classes are FREE!  It is necessary for each participant to have a portable storage device called a flash drive.  You can bring your own or we have them available for $6.00.  This is a one-time expense regardless of how many classes you take. 


What Other Activities Are Available In The Computer Room?

In addition to classes, we have Free Cell and Jigsawexplorer puzzle competitions once a month from January through June, Christmas workshops, Facebook lab, Mini Sessions on select computer topics, and a work-at-your-own-pace keyboarding curriculum. 



Frustrated With Your Computer?

Our wonderful volunteers encourage and provide individual assistance, keeping frustration at a minimum and creating a fun learning environment. 

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Call: (620)-662-0111

Email: mlaw@delossrcenter.org

Add your name to our list of interested participants and we will contact you about available classes.

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