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Exercise Classes


Tai Chi (pronounced “tie chee”)

Tai Chi is an ancient system of moving exercises practiced by slow, gentle movements. It’s like a slow dance. Its benefits include improved balance, flexibility, muscle tone, breathing, and posture.


Qi Gong (pronounced “chee gung”)

Qi Gong is a system of standing exercises developed to improve joint health, spinal flexibility, breathing, balance, and reduce stress. It is similar to yoga but is practiced standing up. It has been called standing meditation and is practiced by millions of people around the world.



Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and increase strength and flexibility. Our classes have been modified to accommodate seniors. The Tuesday restorative class uses props to help maintain balance while stimulating and relaxing the body.



These are relaxing, deep-breathing exercises, done seated in a chair in a comfortable setting, that are based on ancient, gentle yoga techniques with modern updates. This type of breathing has been linked to improved heart, health, and memory functions.



If you have trouble standing for long periods or have difficulty balancing, then you might benefit from our chair exercise classes. Chair exercises are a great way for seniors to build muscle strength and stay flexible. These are slow-moving exercises that can improve balance and mental alertness, increase metabolism, and relieve pain. We now offer this class twice a day, mornings and afternoons.



Line Dancing is a fun alternative to regular exercise. It’s good for your health and also your memory. Our line dancers have performed at nursing homes, the Golden Years Spring Festival in Salina, and the Kansas State Fair.



Join us on Tuesdays for an aerobics exercise class just for seniors. Our instructor uses a variety of videos to motivate and encourage you to reach your goal of fitness at any age. Aerobics are heart-healthy, build muscle strength, and help with weight control.


Love to dance? This is the exercise class for you! With easy-to learn steps and low impact moves, this class makes getting in shape fun.



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