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The center offers a variety of card games: Pitch, Hand and Foot, Canasta and Pinochle. Once you come, you’ll want to come again. Even if you've never played, our participants will teach you the basics and play along beside you until you get the hang of it.


We have several bridge classes, but for first-time attendees our Wednesday afternoon class, Beginning and Open Bridge, is recommended. We have a dedicated instructor who will take you through different plays each week.


Bunco is a dice game that is open to anyone who wishes to join in the fun. We serve refreshments and give away prizes. Come join our lively bunch!


Bingo is held every Tuesday afternoon and is open to all seniors. We serve refreshments at break time. Participants celebrating birthdays will often host the refreshments by paying for ice cream.  Bingo prizes include food and paper products. And watch the calendar for Hollowell Bingo! This special bingo event is scheduled only a couple times a year and features a free luncheon before the game.


We now have a devoted group of chess players who are meeting every Wednesday morning. Even if you have never played, or it's been a while since you have played, you are welcome to join.


Every Friday afternoon, we offer this special version of dominoes. It's a little more involved than regular dominoes, but our players make it easy to have fun.


Wahoo is similar to Parcheesi but played with marbles. Come down some Monday morning and try it out.


Join our small but enthusiastic group of Mahjong players on Tuesday afternoons. Mahjong is similar to the card game Rummy but is played with tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. It is a game of  skill, strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance.

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